Meth Contamination In Northern Colorado–Growing Concern!!

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Unfortunately, Meth usage has become a significant concern, not only in Northern Colorado, but nationwide.  In addition to significant health problems for the user, it can cause residual and long term detriment to any home where it was used.

Smoking Methamphetamine creates a buildup of residue on ALL surfaces (doors, floors, appliances, furniture, toys, walls, cabinets, etc), and this buildup creates a significant health hazard. The drug residue is absorbed through your skin when coming in contact with contaminated surfaces. Meth residue can be inhaled as it reenters the air in the home due to vacuuming, air conditioning/heat usage, opening and closing doors.

What is a safe level of contamination? Studies propose that residue limits of .05, .5 or 1 µg/100cm² were low enough not cause problems. Meth residue becomes dangerous when it reaches a level of 1.5µg/100 cm². How does this translate to levels in a home? If meth is smoked just one time in a home, it is most likely now contaminated.

Co Vision Property Investments (aka Nicole Buys Houses Colorado) has extensive experience with houses that have been contaminated with Meth.  We have purchased these homes, mitigated them, rehab’ed them and given them new life.  We can help you if you have a property that has been exposed and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please contact us at (970) 316-3278 or by completing the form above.